Science, Commerce & Politics

Task 4 – P5



The Food Commision

The Food Commision (UK) is a non-profit company which campaigns for healthier, safer and sustainable food in the UK. The company had been created and funded by the Greater London Council to improve the nutritional health of people across the whole of the UK.
Drug Free America Foundation

It is a drug prevention and policy organization committed to developing, promoting and sustaining national and international policies and laws that will reduce illegal drug use and drug addiction.
National Wildlife Federation

National Wildlife Federation is America’s conservation organisation protecting wildlife for our children’s future. It is supported by conservation group, organizations, businesses and government to protect wildlife and the environment.
Animal Aid

Animal Aid is the UK’s largest animal rights organisation. The group campaigns peacefully against all animal abuse, and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.While Animal Aid opposes animal experiments on both moral and scientific grounds.

Greenpeace is an independent  global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. The campaign does not involve with government or corporations so donations are rely on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants.


Task 4 – M4 & D4

Animal Aid
In laboratories animals are used to test new products, study human disease and in the development of new drugs. Animal Aid opposes animal experiments on both moral and scientific grounds. They investigate and expose animal cruelty, and those evidence are used by the media to get public and government attention which can influence science. And they urge people not to donate money to charities that conduct or fund tests on animals. Therefore, it causes distrust between the public and the science field.

The political, pressure and social groups can influence on scientific achievements and recognition. Political group and pressure group are slightly different but in some point they are quite similar because they are people who want to change or influence laws and Government policy on science. However, both political parties and pressure group have their own methods, organisation and ultimate goals.

Political parties work alongside pressure groups but aim to achieve power by winning control over Government. Pressure groups is a group of people which undertake various activities in order to promote their views to get the government attention to their demands. Meanwhile, social groups are people who defend science usually because they work or have invested in such organisations that are at risk of being shut down.

Both political parties and pressure groups influence science by giving their opinion in the media, distributing leaflets and demonstrating. They can carry out direct action against organization they disagree or carry out protests in cities. Because science needs funding and large amount of money to carry out their research. And scientists and researchers need to be paid for their job as well. But the money come from public sources, government or private sources. If the group expose what scientists been doing behind, then it can cause distrust between the public and the science field.

References:                                                                              09/01/2015

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